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Hindu Asha, a Ugandan with an Egyptian origin, born to Hajji and a Pastor in Jinja, attended her primary at Main Street Primary School and went to Wanyange girls’ school, Nabisunsa girls’ school for her O’ level and later went to Kawempe Moslem School for A’ level. She later joined Makerere University Kampala in 2004 and pursued a Bachelor of Arts with Education and later a Masters of Arts in Economics.

lifted in many ways, the singer was a politician and a sports woman at the same time. She represented Makerere University on several occasions in hand ball, chess, and volley ball in the East Africa university games. With her charisma, eloquence, ambition and influence, she became the first fresh culture minister for Mary Stuart hall and the first woman presidential aspirant for Makerere University Education Students Association (MESA) in 2004/2005.

Round the same time she met a one Christopher Ireland, a famous karaoke joint owner; allegators in Kampala who noticed her vocal abilities and asked her to take music seriously as a career if she ever wanted to. She became the face of allegators in 2006 and it was at this point that she started looking at herself as a star in the making. I2008 she participated in idols East Africa, a competition that made her appreciate music. Although she didn’t make it to the top, to her it was a great opportunity that she couldn’t have let pass her by and it was also at this point that she decided to take music seriously as a career.

After her studies in 2008, the professional Economist first worked with Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd and later moved to Centenary bank where she worked until late 2012 when she finally gave up her banking career to concentrate on her music career and personal developments. She does music that cuts across all ages and social classes. She sings about God (gospel), love and life

Her music is mainly influenced by R&B/Soul, Afro-pop and gospel. Based on her Islamic/Christian foundation, the anointed singer successfully launched her first album “Omukwano” on the 14 February 2012 at club Obbligato Kampala shortly after she won an accolade for gospel diva of the year 2011 where her gospel single “Nzize” was nominated for best gospel song of the year.

With two years of devotion to her music career, the vocalist started a record label /consultancy firm; Asha performance ltd and Hindu Asha Foundation, a charity organisation for which she sings to raise funds so as to meet its objectives. She has released hit after hit, done both local and international collaborations, and shared a stage with international artists.