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About us

Hindu Asha Foundation is a local Non Government Organisation in Uganda that works for the advancement of Orphan Vulnerable children, the girl child and women through education, health and economic empowerment at micro community levels in Uganda for sustainable development. The organization is comprised of professional Pharmacists, Medical doctors, Social workers, Religious leaders, Teachers, Lawyers, Artistes, Economists, Agriculturalists, Engineers and Accountants. The patron of the organisation is the Rt.Hon Speaker of the Parliament of the republic of Uganda, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga.

Vision Statement

➢ To become a recognised key player in improving people’s livelihood in the world through innovative, effective, and measurable programs with equitable resources.

Mission Statement

➢ Our mission is to improve the education, health, and wellbeing of disadvantaged girls, orphans/vulnerable children, and women in less developed communities in Uganda.


➢Increasing opportunities for girls and women, including education for girls and microfinance/income generating projectsforwomenandpromotionofviolence freehomes.
➢Supporting orphans & other vulnerable children with clean clothes to wear, nutritious meals to eat, a bed to sleep on, a school to attend & a bright, dignified future.
➢Ensuring children’s access to quality education, including literacy, vocational training, afterschool programs, mentorship programs and leadership skills.
➢Improve children’s health through increased access to healthcare resources &health education, including HIV/AIDS treatment & drug prevention, Promoting sex education & HIV transmission prevention.
➢Creating sustainable communities, through empowering children to become global citizens and promoting equitable rural livelihoods.
➢To inspire ,motivate & discover and develop talent & ambition amongst the children and the youth.

Hindu Asha Foundation would like to increase economic and social mobility of the girl child and a sense of self worth and empowerment, freedom to choose their source of income, financial independence amongst the women, reduce illiteracy rates, increase economic stability and family livelihoods, reduce HIV transmissions, promote health education and increase food security in families/communities by partnering with various organisations and volunteers from all over the world from various sectors of economies as we handle various causes that require sustainability and there foreavailabilityofresourcesfromtimetotimetoensuretheir sustainability.

To date, our Reach out to the Vulnerable Project is supporting 1000 children in various schools, with basic education inter alia including; school fees bursaries, scholastic materials, beddings and mattresses, clothing, and continues to advocate for the prioritization of their wellbeing in their communities and support talent development in schools.

Source of funding